High Speed Gear COBRA 1.5” RIGGER BELT

A few months have passed since I started wearing the High Speed Gear COBRA 1.5″ Rigger Belt as my EDC belt. Prior to using this belt I was wearing a Jones Tactical 1.5″ EDB, which is similar in design to the ARES Ranger Belt. The design of the latter 2 belts utilizes a very stiff belt with a smaller Cobra buckle than that in the HSGI belt. While I was very pleased with the belts, their design ...

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G-Code INCOG Holster

I have always been a proponent of appendix carry.  This method of carry – provided your physical dimensions allow you to – provides the fastest draw, highest level of concealment, and best retention.  One of the biggst hurdles for me, sue to my relative small frame size, was to find a comfortable holster.  After many years and just as many holsters, I came across the INCOG holster by G-Code.  This holster was a joint project between G-Code and Travis Haley.

First ...

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