High Speed Gear COBRA 1.5” RIGGER BELT

A few months have passed since I started wearing the High Speed Gear COBRA 1.5″ Rigger Belt as my EDC belt. Prior to using this belt I was wearing a Jones Tactical 1.5″ EDB, which is similar in design to the ARES Ranger Belt. The design of the latter 2 belts utilizes a very stiff belt with a smaller Cobra buckle than that in the HSGI belt. While I was very pleased with the belts, their design (in which the load bearing belt is not fastened end to end) did prove to have some minor issues. After much research, and being a great fan of High Speed Gear products, I decided to give their belt a try. My biggest concern, of course, was whether the stiffness would be suitable with the amount of gear which I carry.

Like every other piece of HSG gear, it is meticulously manufactured. Stitching is perfect, the amount of velcro for fastening the loose end is ideal, so fit was not an issue. My main concern was function – how sturdy is it to handle my gear (G-Code INCOG Holster with attached magazine carrier – for a Glock 19, G-Code dual mag carrier, and a Surefire E2D LED Defender). Well, after 3 months of every day usage, not only is it functionally equivalent to the aforementioned belts, but I find it much more comfortable to wear, and find that it has more versatility. From my perspective, you cannot find a higher quality more functional belt in a 1.5″ width for very day carry.