G-Code INCOG Holster

I have always been a proponent of appendix carry.  This method of carry – provided your physical dimensions allow you to – provides the fastest draw, highest level of concealment, and best retention.  One of the biggst hurdles for me, sue to my relative small frame size, was to find a comfortable holster.  After many years and just as many holsters, I came across the INCOG holster by G-Code.  This holster was a joint project between G-Code and Travis Haley.

First of all, quality build – well, like other G-Code products, this holster is one high quality product.  The kydex molding is second to none.  The holster is covered in what they refer to as “tactical fuzz”.  The primary purpose of this treatment is to give better retention of the holster by adding a surface with a higher friction coefficient than the kydex it covers.  A secondary effect, after having worn it for a few months, is that it keeps me cooler.

The fastening system on this holster is excellent – their proprietary clips provide excellent retention on your belt, while still allowing easy removal if needed. An optional magazine carrier is available which can be attached to the holster and worn IWB when carrying in this position.

Whether you appendix carry or just need a high quality holster to carry IWB, you need not look further than the INCOG.  By far the best concealed carry holster money can buy.