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Israeli Combat Point Shooting Class

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Point Shooting is the skill of quickly discharging a firearm (usually a hand-gun) with minimal or no use of the sights on the weapon.  It is a method of shooting that relies on instinctive reactions and kinematics to engage close range targets. This shooting method is used in fast and dynamic situations when there is no time to use a gun sight or in low light conditions. Point shooting does not rely on sights and instead places the gun below the line of sight, but still in the field of vision. Since the sights are not employed, the shooter focuses on the target. The point shooting method is often referred to as threat focused shooting.

The purpose of ICPS is not to develop marksmanship or to develop competition skills. It is not for shooting holes in paper targets and it is not a skill for hunting small game. This training will enable you to quickly and effectively stop someone from making you a victim.  ICPStrains people to survive life-threatening situations and trains you to react in a fraction of a second in order to defend your life and protect innocent people.  It is a self-defense discipline.